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We would like our products to be comfortable and warm for our customers. Ellai designers are devoted to building a small humid room into a space full of natural smell equipped with solid wood furniture, whose charm will not fade while whose value increases as time goes by. We would hope that with the passage of time, our bathroom furniture will not grow obsolete but evolve into classics.

he production of a bathroom furniture is not only a test for artisans’ craft, wisdom and experience, but also uncovers Ellai’s strict requirements for designers and structural engineers in sixty, even seventy meticulously detailed numbers。 Only rationally planned storage space will allow daily necessities to be well structured。 



More Product Details

The wet and dry separation table design avails toiletries at fingertips; adjustablecabinet feet can help to avoid moisture, and reach to a comfortable heightaccording to height; the smooth gentle touch, the soothing door-opening sound... .. all this is to enhance the simplicity and comfort. The details fully demonstrate the humane force and lead right to our heart!


Malaysia Imported Environmental Friendly Solid Wood

After repeated grinding, sand treatment, coloring, polishing, and high temperature baking, the choice natural solid wood, environmental friendly, imported from Malaysia, has come into a perfect cabinet with thin and transparent paint, and obvious wood texture。 71 complicated and exquisite processes have built this unparalleled cabinet。

Excellent Storage Space

Aesthetic and reasonable design realizes storage of complex toiletries by a perfect combination of visual enjoyment and practicality. For different house sizes and distinctive aesthetic needs, a series of innovative storage spaces will totally sort your messy bathroom out.

European Imported Rail and Hinge

Blum rails and hinges imported from Europe, integrated with validated precision and new buffer technology may realize an automatic slow close at an opening angle smaller than 60°。 The comfort effect ensures a perfect motion, soft and quiet。

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